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You can be the next superstar !


Our Mission.Your Goal

YS Group President Yong Heo creates Korea’s top debut programme. The Hong Kong-Korea performance event held by ACE Entertainment "2023 Face of Hong Kong & ACE Talent", the Hong Kong division of the "Face of Asia" competition, has recently come to a successful conclusion.

Yong Heo, the founder of YS Group YSGroupKr, has extensive connections in the Korean performing arts and modelling industry and is a well-known leader in the industry. He has close relationships with directors of entertainment companies who nurture K-POP groups and stars, famous musicians who create OSTs for Korean dramas, singing teachers, dance directors who train K-POP groups, and directors of modelling companies, and he has invested in many dance and singing training centres with numerous business partners. In recent years, the training centre for performing arts and modeling in the headquarter of YS Group YSGroupKr has become a hot place for the offspring of businessmen and celebrities in the region! Many Korean youngsters from wealthy families who are passionate about performing arts and modelling have approached Yong Heo to arrange training courses for them, so that they can develop their talents under the guidance of professional teachers!

The reason is that Yong Heo has a strong team of professional teachers, and he tailors the courses according to the needs, preferences and characteristics of the students, which greatly increases flexibility and makes a multiplying effect. This training model is completely different from the traditional one in the local entertainment companies. Students are not restricted by the entertainment company with a long contract, and don't have to wait endlessly before making their debut. Therefore, despite an expensive tuition fee, the exclusive "debut programme" of YS YSGroupKr attracts a large number of students from Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia etc. In fact, in the Korean entertainment industry, there are many idols, with the support of their family, who have received diversified private training since they were young, would seek help from professionals like Yong Heo to make their debut.

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